The Friends of Farlow Park

Are your friends, 
Friends of Farlow Park?

Farlow Pond with Channing Church
(now Newton Presbyterian) and
original Underwood School in background.

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The Friends of Farlow Park is a community organization incorporated in 2014.
Our specific objectives  are to raise monies and receive gifts of any kind for the support , acquisition, maintenance, management, and improvement of historically significant Farlow Park.  Join us in the enjoyment and stewardship of this beautiful city resource .

 We welcome all interested prospective members throughout Newton and  the world.

​ In August 2014, we received 501c3 designation by IRS as a public charity.  All donations to the Friends of Farlow Park are tax-deductible.

Judy and Jerry Abrams
Joke Auchincloss
Jess Barton
Richard Belkin
Sonia and Carlos Blanco
Karnig Boyajian
Borgna Brunner
​Carrie and Tim Burr
Kathy Cade
Lucy Caldwell-Stair
Sarah Sturtevant and Dan Casals
Suzanne L Cohen and Carl M Cohen
Carol Connolly
Bob Cowden
Tania and Joe D'Avignon
Gerry and Bob Daly
Connie Gleason DeVol and Tom DeVol
Julia and Einer Elhauge
Sara and Glenn Ellison
Ray Ethier
Annie French
Ruthanne Fuller
Brendan Garry
Jeffrey Gates
Angela Gerst and former Alderman Bob Gerst
Kim and Andy Gluck
Shannon Slattery and Jerome Grafe
Sidewalk Sam and Tina Guillemin
Martha and Joe Hathaway
Anne  and Ted Hess-Mahan
Laura Davis and Tyler Jacks
Marcia Johnson
Keith and Alison Jones
Ron Joseph
Dinora and Ian Justice
Amelia and Josh Katzen
Amy Kendall
Kay Khan
Kathy Larsen
Lynne LeBlanc
Scott Lennon
Brooke and  Paul Lipsitt
Becky Searles and Sean McNally
Maureen O'Hare Mercer
Laura Keenan and John Monahan
Mary Ann and Richard Morrill
Jen and Chris Murphy
Anne S. Nash
Kate Nimkin
Dianne Dumankowski and Carlo Obligato
Eleanor Abbott Samuels and Ivan Samuels
Michele Serrao
Diane Sakakini and Krishna Rao

Steve Snider
Janet Sterman
Heather Alker and David Teszler
Carolyn Lattin and Venkat Venkatraman
Cindy Golus and Mark Vrahas
Rebecca Matthews and James Wallack
Joan Mullen and Jay Walter
Ken Weiss
Erika and Jim Wilton
Suzanne Loughlin and Edward Yeats